Don’t Install the Leaked Windows 11 Right Now!

Don’t Install the Leaked Windows 11 Right Now!

The hottest news in the tech world right now is that information about Microsoft’s new version of Windows has been leaked to the Internet. The content here is quoted in various ways all over the internet. So all this information came out with the release of the Windows 11 developer version. Now you too can experience how Windows 11 works. To do this, download the windows iso setup file you need below.

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Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Windows 11 leak: what’s going on?

First, a fast catch-up if you haven’t been following the news in recent days. Microsoft is holding an occasion on Midsummer Day to unveil its next big thing for Windows. Much speculation has pointed towards the rumored ‘Sun Valley’ update actually becoming Windows 11.

Microsoft’s teasers for the event all have some connection to 11 also, including the particular event time at 11 am. All signs point to 11.

Elsewhere, Microsoft has halted its Windows 10 Insider Preview builds within the dev channel, people who get the earliest check out forthcoming changes. With an enormous reveal on the horizon, this is often hardly surprising, since you’d expect new stuff to start out feeding out post-June 24.

Then, on June 15, a full, early build of Windows 11 leaked out in a Chinese tech forum. Not only making a gift of the name but also our first proper check out a number of the planning changes we will expect with the subsequent big iteration of Microsoft’s OS.

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Why you shouldn’t download Windows 11

So, there’s a totally functional build of Windows 11 out there. Build 21996.1 to be precise. It seems very nice, too. There’s not much substance thereto, but the most important design update in recent memory is on show. Essentially, this is often Windows 10 with a replacement launcher over the highest of it.

You’re likely to like parts of it and definitely not love other parts. But this is often also still a piece ongoing and, as we shouldn’t forget, an unofficial look. Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged anything about this build, but it’s considerably Windows 11 regardless.

You shouldn’t go and download it though. There’s no shortage of press coverage of Windows 11, including our own, taking the risks so you don’t need to. For one, this will be classed as stolen software. albeit you activate it with a legitimate Windows 10 license code, don’t forget that this is often the software you’re not alleged to have immediately. Nobody outside of Microsoft is.

The other side of that coin is that you’re getting to be downloading from unknown and potentially untrustworthy sources. once you download preview builds from Microsoft, they could be broken, but you’ll guarantee that they’re safe. When you’re downloading from a random MEGA link you found online, you’ve got no such guarantees. Anything might be inside that file.

So, we urge caution and ultimately to remain away. Of course, if you are doing plow ahead and download it, confirm you’re not putting it on your only machine or one you believe for work. Or use a virtual machine or secondary PC to isolate it from anything important. Just just in case.

(Source: Microsoft)
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