Eye Exercises to Improve Vision – You Aren’t Gonna Believe This!

Eye Exercises to Improve Vision – You Aren’t Gonna Believe This!

This shocked the heck out of me when I first heard about it,

There are eye exercises to improve vision that can get you to 20/20 without corrective lenses or surgery!

Eye Exercises to Improve Vision – You Aren’t Gonna Believe This

And this isn’t some “pie in the sky” idea. It is based on over a century of detailed research. This is genuine. Can I level with you here? We as a society have become more reckless than ever. We think our technology is helping us lead better lives, and indeed it HAS had many positive effects on our progress as a species and our quality of life. However… our iPods, iPads, widescreen televisions, laptops, desktops, e-readers, smartphones, and all our other digital gadgets have unquestionably taken a significant toll on our eyesight.

More people today face life-altering vision problems than ever before, and the problem is only likely to worsen. Even expensive and risky surgeries like contact lenses eyeglasses and are being purchased in alarming numbers.

We are desperate to find the safest and cheapest alternatives for real, effective, natural, and refreshing natural scenes.
That’s where eye exercises to improve vision come into play.
Of course, not everyone will benefit from this type of approach. People with severe eye conditions may need medical treatment, special glasses, or surgery. But for most of us who have either basic near-sighted or far-sighted (even with solid prescriptions), eye exercises to improve vision may be the “miracle” you’ve been praying for.


It can be far more potent than corrective lenses could ever be. Why?

Contacts and glasses allow our eyes to be babied. They make them friendly and lazy, effectively doing all of our seeing for us. When we take our glasses off or pop out the contacts,
most of us notice that our vision has gotten worse. And this will continue to occur as time goes on. And they’ll tell you that it “just happens with old age.” And the prescriptions will become more potent by the year. But it’s all a lie.

Eye Exercises to Improve Vision – You Aren’t Gonna Believe This

Weak eyes mean poor vision. Strong, healthy, and viable eyes represent outstanding vision. It’s just like any other muscle in your body. If you fail to make demands on them,
they become weak. This is why people in wheelchairs typically have thinner legs than individuals fortunate enough to walk. No need is being placed on their muscles,
and this very same thing happens when it comes to our eyes.
Eye exercises to improve vision place the necessary demands on our eyes to strengthen them and sharpen their filter images. The stronger we can make them, the sharper, more precise, and more vibrant those images become. And there is no limit (up to perfect 20/20 vision) as to how strong and clear we can get. Let me share three eye exercises with you now.

3 Eye Exercises to Improve Vision:


1. Figure 8 exercise.

As the name implies, you want to perform a strong figure 8 movement (horizontally, like the infinity symbol) using only your eyes.

Move your head as little as possible. Do this for 10-15 repetitions, breathing normally.

2. The “Hot Dog.”

Hold your two pointer fingers in front of your eyes, approximately eight inches away from your face. Point them at one another with about an inch separating them.

Next, look across the room, and you should notice what appears to be a miniature hot dog in front of your face.

Hold that look for about 10 seconds, and then look directly at your two fingers, bringing them back into focus.

Repeat this about 15 times. You should feel this one!

3. Palming.

This eye exercise is designed for relaxation, and it really couldn’t be any simpler.

Just rub your hands together (Mr. Miyagi style) until they are nice and hot, and then place your palms over your closed eyes.

Do this for 10-15 deep breaths and feel the relaxation work its magic on you. This is a phenomenal exercise to do if you’ve spent long hours in front of the television or computer screen.

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